motion design
Timea Balo

TimTim is a UK-based 3D Art and Motion Designer who brings a vibrant blend of bold playfulness and vivid colours to her work, focusing on abstract forms and typography.

After 8 years of navigating the graphic design landscape, TimTim found her way into the 3D motion art world - a transition sparked by a year of exploration and learning the ropes of 3D design. Her work effortlessly blends graphic design expertise with 3D magic, resulting in animations that are fun and bold.
Driven by a genuine love for play, she underscores the importance of an organic process, allowing instincts and curiosity to serve as her compass in creating new work. Some of her clients include Hoka, Pepsi, Stylist Magazine, The ChainSmokers, and Coach.

TimTim for Maxon
All play, no work
Becoming a 3D Motion Designer was never my intention. A deep dive into a career change built on playing and experimentation: a journey of learning new skills, following creative curiosity, and having a lot of fun along the way.

The presentation is kindly supported by Maxon.