Join Prague’s annual digital art conference, where graphic design, film, animation, and technology intersect. From inconspicuously inspiring to thought provoking lectures, immerse yourself in a two-day event full of riveting talks led by world class speakers.

The Mouvo 2023 theme NEW.0 explores everything and anything New. The topic of newness and novelty will be your guide to creating compelling visual identities and storytelling in the ever changing 2020s. Get ready for complex deep dives and an eye opening audio visual and design experience.
It is time to boost your creativity! Explore additional hands on workshops where you can fully exercise your creative and technical skills.

The Mouvo conference will be held again at the UMPRUM Technology Center at Mikulandská 134/5 in Prague. Mouvo workshops will take place at either UMPRUM and Scholastica (TBD).



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