About Us - MOUVO


Since 2016 the platform is focusing on the intersection of graphic design, film, animation, and technology. What started as a one-day event full of inspiring talks is now a considerable range of design-related activities with a common goal. To get you closer to the best industry movers, learn from them and get inspired by their cutting-edge creations.

We run a world-class annual conference in Prague at Technology Center UMPRUM featuring an all-star lineup that covers a diverse range of digital communication topics. Every year we invite the world’s leading creators who are rocking the world of graphic design, animation, video, and new technologies.

Accompanying workshops

Besides the full two days of talks, there is a number of workshops offered to our audience each year. Both technical and creative, lectured by international guests and/or local creators. These take place several days prior to the conference date.

Mouvo TV

On top of this, we strive to bring you the best content featuring the very best artists and creators. All this at Mouvo TV. We’ve started with recorded talks from our conference and already have plans for more. You can join our Patreon to find out more about that. Please support us on Patreon to fulfill our mission.