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Studio + Christoph Grünberger

ai and art
motion design
David Sheldon - Hicks, Christoph Grünberger

Echoes of the Golem: Generative A.I. Demystified
It´s been a whole year since Mouvo´s stage panel on Artificial Intelligence, an eternity in the field of generative artificial intelligence.
Formerly the tools were only operated by real nerds, but improvements to the interface have made them available to a much broader audience. This topic has now arrived in our workflow – we´re going post-AI. 
We can now take one step back and start to classify the whole thing. We're delving into the origins, even on a profound, philosophical level, discussing AI Doomerism and Optimism – just to touch the present and look into the future.

David Sheldon Hicks, the founder of Territory Studio, will be in conversation with Christoph Grünberger, Head of Artificial Crafts at Jung von Matt.
In this journey, we're not mere spectators; we're active participants in the evolution of artificial intelligence. We're the ones fueling the ongoing conversation. Remember, assumptions are not obstacles but stepping stones leading us to discoveries.

This marks the first discussion in a series of three, planned for the next six months. Currently, Generative AI tools are becoming more ubiquitous. So, buckle up for this fascinating journey — it's not just a stage presentation; it's an exploration into fresh ideas and innovations.

Territory Studio known for designing on-screen graphics for countless contemporary visionary films, has depicted artificial intelligence for titles like Ex-Machina and Ready Player One, work that is often cited as a not-so-positive light on the future direction of the technology.
Territory Studio co-founder David Sheldon-Hicks confronts Ai's arrival in the real creative world, asking in his talks how did we got here? What do we believe in? and what will be the role of artists and designers in an AI-supported, maker, or curatorial future?