Professional Consultation Vol. 2 - MOUVO

Marek Cimbálník

Jan Netušil

Professional Consultation Vol. 2


02 Mar 2024







1,2 hour
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Marek Cimbálník

Jan Netušil

Professional Consultation Vol. 2

About the workshop

Based on your focus, you can choose between our colleagues, authors, professionals
Marek Cimbálník, creative director of OFICINA and MOUVO – all topics such as typography, fonts, poster design, motion design, and TV graphics can be discussed, and/or ​Jan Netušil, OFICINA’s and MOUVO’s designer and animator also head of design and digital technology at UMPRUM – all topics such as animation, programming, and new technology can be discussed.
So, you can sit down with Marek or Jan, show your work, or express your interest and talk about the best option, direction, studies, etc…

What you will learn

You will get a professional opinion and recommendation. You will practise a bit how to introduce yourself, your work and aim.

Who should attend

Anyone keen on such feedback? With a valid MOUVO 2024 ticket!

Meet your instructors

creative director, graphic designer

Marek Cimbálník is an UMPRUM graduate. He is the co-founder of OFICINA studio, together with Lukas Fišárek and Vladka Cimbálníková. Oficina is a pioneer of motion design in the Czech Republic. In 2016, the studio started Mouvo, a motion design conference. Since then, Prague has attracted world-class creators from motion design and related fields to gather, inspire, and network on a global scale.

(art)director, motiondesigner

Jan Netušil is a graduate of UMPRUM (film and television graphics studio). After his studies, he combined the acquired experience with animation and graphics in the field of motion design (animated graphic creation). Shortly after that, he joined the Oficina studio where he works as a motion designer and art/technical director. He mainly specialises in interactive multimedia projects and animated graphics. He is the co-founder of the Mouvo platform and co-organizer of the international conference of the same name, which presents the intersection of graphic design, film, animation and technology in the form of lectures by world-renowned creators. From 2021, together with Jiří Hölzel, he leads the Design and Digital Technologies studio at UMPRUM in Prague.