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Lëon, Floating Point Studio


Paul Lëon is an artist-designer whose practice focuses on interactive and narrative digital projects. Based near Lausanne in Switzerland, he is co-founder of Floating Point Studio.

Brought together during their studies of Media Interaction Design at ECAL, the studio was formed around the collaborative experimentation of Kylan Luginbühl, Léonard Guyot, Valerio Meschi and Paul Lëon around new technologies and the emerging questions implied by their use. Inspired by games, science fiction and anthropology, they take a fundamentally critical look at emerging technologies and their impact on the world of today and tomorrow. Their work takes the form of immersive and interactive installations, virtual and augmented reality experiences, 3D animated films and video games.

The critical aspects of their approach, the imaginaries developed through their aesthetics and their conceptual and technical know-how regularly lead them to intervene in art and design institutions as teachers or lecturers.

The presentation is kindly supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic.