cinema 4D
Andrea Marshall, Clayton Welham

MAXON will this year be introduced by FOUND's Creative director Clayton Welham and designer Andrea Marshall. Extraordinary visual storytelling for the world’s most discerning brands. Fascinated by the new, the intangible, and the sensorial, we’re obsessed with looking at the world differently. We fuse this research-based thinking with a refined aesthetic approach to create 3D content full of impact, innovation, and intrigue. We call it intelligent beauty.

Clayton Welham is a leading figure within the film and motion design industry, with a career spanning CG and live-action projects to visual performance and experiential design. With over fifteen years of experience as a director, animator, and visual artist, his role as Creative Director at Found sees him in charge of the studio’s diverse projects from brief and concept development through to delivery. By continuing to design, animate, and be part of production processes, he maintains an excellent understanding of our evolving industry and works with both traditional tools, techniques, and bespoke visual systems.

Andrea Marshall Andrea is a 3D artist based in London. She has a background in art and interdisciplinary design, which has made her an expert in creative thinking and innovative solutions in various formats. She actively participates and supports the 3D design community by offering her insights at industry events and mentoring programs. Andrea always strives to convey emotions through colour, shape, and motion, making her work not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful. She displays exceptional skill and dedication to her craft, working with well-known brands such as Ralph Lauren, L'Oreal, and Celine.

The presentation is kindly supported by Maxon.