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Eva Nečasová

Become invisible!


02 Mar 2024






school/collage students


2 hours
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Eva Nečasová

Become invisible!

About the workshop

An Algorithmically invisible face is a workshop about AI, fashion, camoufladge, illusion, art, imagination, and play.


What you will learn

CV Dazzle makeup! A way to trick computers was invented by Berlin-based artist Adam Harvey. At the actual workshop first, we create an AI that recognizes human faces and then will try to confuse it by designing CV Dazzle makeup!

Who should attend

Students and children 12 – 17 years old. Those who are interested in AI, vision algorithm, art and fashion.

Meet your instructors

AI dětem education content creator, lecturer

​Eva is the founder of the non-profit initiative AI dětem (AI for Kids) that helps to spread useful knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence not only in primary schools.​ She is behind the Hello Ruby for Schools methodology.​ Eva is an active creator focusing on various fields from designing lighting objects or jewelry to developing video games, lettering comics, illustration, photography and defining the visual identity of a brand. ​Her passion is in connecting textile crafts with technologies​ in interactive installations​.​