American designer Bradley Munkowitz, aka GMunk, is driven by his fascination of geometry, lasers, optical art and light effects. From among his expansive range of projects for different platforms he's best-known for the laser-like graphics, interfaces and holograms in the Tron: Legacy movie. Bradley has gained huge and well-deserved popularity and success for his revolutionary piece called Box, which entails projection mapping on canvases controlled with robotic arms.



The UK’s Spin studio entered the motion design scene at the turn of the millennium with their work for TV stations like Channel 4, Five or More4. In recent years, they have been creating dynamic visual identities for clients from a wide array of sectors. They employ motion design as a driving principle bringing flexible and vivid visual results.



DBLG is an award-winning motion design studio from London with a strong focus on design, direction and branding. Whether producing digital animation or live-action motion imagery, DBLG combine top execution with a passion for traditional techniques as well as new technological experiments. Their portfolio spans a vast range of television clients and commercial projects for brands such as Nike, Wired or Tate. Their latest success was the rebrand of Channel 4 gaining numerous awards and honours. DBLG will be presented by their Founder and Creative Director Gilbert Grant.


John Schlemmer

The potential of motion design in user experience will be presented by John Schlemmer. As a motion design lead at Google and a member of its internal creative team in Mountain View, California, he's responsible for developing and maintaining the animation standards of Material Design. You can spot his work on a daily basis when using Gmail or the Google Calendar.


Simon Holmedal

Technology guru Simon Holmedal works at London’s ManvsMachine studio, where he directs ambitious projects crossing and merging the borders of design and visual effects. He develops hyperrealistic imagery of abstract fabric and material structures for clients such as Nike or Microsoft.


Marcus Eckert

German designer and developer Marcus Eckert has developed the interactional and animation layers of the Reuters TV mobile app. He's intensely engaged in the technological aspects of animation and has, among others, crafted Wide Sky, a brilliantly animated game, and a handy tool called Squall which instantly translates animation to code for Apple devices.


Visegrad Young Talents

As a global creative movement, motion design has interesting roots in Central Europe as well. In these countries, the way for motion design had been paved by the strong tradition of animation, film and graphic design. Our aim is to highlight some of the aspiring young talents born in the Visegrad countries who are already rocking the keyframes and reaching for the stars. This year's speakers are Andrea Vacovská (CZ), István Csekk (HU) and Mateusz Kukła (PL).


The Future of Motion Design

Detailed micro-animations in user interfaces, dynamic visual identities, experimental projection mappings, augmented and virtual reality, new technologies of image creation and the use of visual communication. Our guests in the discussion panel will talk about the current and upcoming trends in the motion design industry.



Danny Yount

Danny Yount is an american designer of film and television title sequences and promotional campaigns. As a title designer Danny has collaborated with top film directors and producers to create some of the most recognizable feature film main titles like Iron Man, Tron Legacy, Sherlock Holmes, Oblivion, Iron Man Three, and graphic visual holograms for Ironman 2.


Mark Porter

Mark Porter studio is based in the UK, creating products and identities for digital, print, and television. In the fragmented media world, it sometimes feels like content is just a commodity. But the stories you tell, and the personality you bring to them, are what makes you unique. We believe that content with value, and the brands that create it, demand the best editorial design thinking.



Since the 90' we strive for the unique balance of utility and visual excellence to communicate just the right message you have for your audience. By mixing our expertise in strategy, design, technology and production with your insights we come up with distinct and fresh solutions. We are Juice. Have a sip!


Sander Van Dijk

I set ideas into motion. When I hear about meaningful ideas, I feel compelled to communicate them. I focus my creative efforts towards positive and progressive topics, like socially- and sustainability-driven concepts and innovative technology. Now I visualize concepts that empower people and inspire them to make choices to live in a better more, sustainable world.


Visegrad Young Talents

Being a global creative movement, motion design has interesting roots in Central Europe as well. The strong tradition of the animation and film industries as well as of graphic design paved the way for motion design in these countries. Our aim is to highlight some of the aspiring young talents born in the Visegrad countries who are already rocking the keyframes and reaching for the stars. The speakers of the first volume are Jan Sladecko (CZ), Gergely Wootsch (HU) and Miki Nemcek (SK).


Definition of Motion Design

Title sequences, TV idents and openers, commercials, internet videos, installations, web and app animations and the list goes on. The Czech studio Oficina has curated a selection of the best examples of Motion Design throughout history trying to define it as something more than just graphics in motion. Watch the screenings and take part in the ensuing discussion panel on capturing the essence of Motion Design.


Title in Brief

The movie title sequences are considered to be one of the most significant examples of Motion Design. A special screening will demonstrate the development of the creative field with work by the well known authors like Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder, Kyle Cooper, Danny Yount and many more.


Ohm Square

The legendary Czech band Ohm Square will perform their unusual concert show for their new album A curious Place Between Souls and Atoms. They work together with a designer Jan Šíma who has created a unique projection for each song. Visually tempting scenes and Ohm Square’s electronic music are a promise of an amazing experience.