Creative technology workshop w. Andreas Gysin

About workshop

Typography is an essential and vital part of graphic design and it can offer endless creative possibilities but some of them may be difficult to achieve if you’re not familiar with the right processes. At this creative technology workshop with the Swiss-based designer Andreas Gysin, you will learn how to experiment with real-time text rendering to create unique text-based imagery.

What you learn

In his workshop, you will explore the exclusive use of text as a creative constraint. You have probably heard of concrete-poetry, ASCII-art or other uses of text. Here you will learn how to build a realtime text-only renderer running in a browser and you might end up with a unique piece of text art.

Who should attend

Mid-advanced to advanced graphic designers, typographers, animators, web designers, interactive and game designers, creative developers and everyone curious in experimental visual communication and procedural graphic design.

Meet the instructor

Andreas Gysin is a Swiss graphic designer who was a speaker at last year’s Mouvo. He has extensive experience with combining procedural graphic design and coding, making his design output very fresh, experimental and unique.


Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: You need a computer with a code editor and web-development environment preinstalled (local server, browser etc.).

Q: Do I need to know coding?
A: You don’t need any advanced coding skills but some basic knowledge of any programming language is required.

Event details

Wednesday 1/9/2021, 9:30 – 17:00
Duration: 1 day

Scholastika, Římská 103, 120 00 Praha 2