Starting with VR for 3D Designers


Software workshop with Lucy Janca and Krystof Suk

About workshop

Virtual reality is tempting but it is a very demanding skill to master for any 3D designer out there. It might seem technologically demanding but all you really need is proper knowledge. This unique workshop with Lucy Janca and Krystof Suf will teach you the whole pipeline you need to know for getting your own 3D assets to virtual reality. You will end up taking a look at your own animation on a VR headset.

What you learn

In the workshop, you will learn how the complete VR pipeline works. You will learn how to prepare your own 3D assets in Cinema 4D and how to bring them to Unity 3D. You will set up materials, lighting and animation inside the game engine as well as set up a scene for a great VR performance. You will finish the workshop by enjoying your own virtual reality app and experiencing it on the Oculus Quest VR headset. With the knowledge gained in this workshop, you can become a valuable team member in any VR studio.

Who should attend

Mid-advanced to advanced graphic designers and animators familiar with 3D, interactive and game designers, 3D modellers, creative developers and everyone curious about virtual reality and interactive experience.

Meet the instructor

Lucy Janca and Krystof Suk are former colleagues from the AR & VR Studio Brainz Immersive. Working for Czech and international clients, they created multiple VR experiences together. Lucy is an AR & VR designer with 10 years of international experience. She prides herself on being able to effectively combine the skill set of UI & UX, character and brand design and concept art into AR & VR experiences that have a purpose and connect people. Krystof is a Unity / Unreal developer and a technical artist at UPP where he makes virtual production a reality . He also teaches game development, organizes game jams with CTU and self-publishes some of his own games.


Q: Do I need to know Unity?
A: It’s enough to be familiar with its interface. Just have a look at some basic tutorials on how to move in a scene. There’s no need to know anything more.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: You need a computer with Cinema 4D and Unity. You can definitely bring a VR headset if you own one but there will be Oculus Quest headsets ready for you to use.

Event details

Tuesday 31/8/2021, 13 – 17
Duration: 0.5 day

Scholastika, Římská 103, 120 00 Praha 2