Procedural design in Blender


3D design workshop with Manuel Casasola Merkle

About workshop

Blender has been enjoying a lot of hype lately. The free 3D software is more powerful, easier to use and delivers results quickly. This workshop will focus on the newest features that make Blender a great and easy-to-use companion even for advanced users of sophisticated tools like Houdini.

What you learn

You’ll be guided through procedural workflows in Blender and focus on the recent update of Geometry Nodes. You’ll get a deep insight into procedural design and its features in Blender. Additionally, you’ll work on real-world examples and create outstanding procedural 3D output.

Who should attend

Mid to advanced motion designers, digital artists, animators, illustrators, graphic designers and anyone interested in 3D design.

Meet the instructor

Manuel Casasola Merkle teaches at Nuremberg Tech as a professor of CGI. He’s also one of the founders of Entagma, a popular platform to learn Houdini and advanced CGI workflows. Before entering academia, Manuel spent many years crafting successful digital output, notably in the Munich-based studio AixSponza


Q: What do I bring?
A: Your computer with the newest version of Blender. The app is free anyway.

Q: How about food and drinks?
A: Refreshments are not provided but there is a variety of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Event details

Friday 11/3/2022, 9:30 – 17:30
Duration: 1 day

Scholastika, Římská 103, 120 00 Praha 2