Houdini Motion Graphics Class


Software workshop with Pixeltrain

About workshop

The workshop led by Helge Maus is technically oriented and focuses on how to effectively use Houdini from SideFX, the highly complex and sought-after motion graphics and design tool. Maus’ popularity is primarily derived from his humane approach to teaching. This workshop is an excellent stepping stone for a Houdini novice or those who want to perfect their skills and use the tool in a more powerful and efficient way.

What you learn

You will be exposed to the procedural approach and various VFX tools of Houdini FX which will help you be more effective in the motion design and creative commercial fields. By working through different examples, Helge will share various techniques to use Houdini’s Volumes, VDBs, Vellum-Solvers (Cloth, Softbodies, Grains), Particles, and PyroFX to generate stunning abstracts for stills and animations. You will also get a brief introduction to VOPs & VEX for building your own tools and how to re-use them in other projects. This 3-hour long course will be a unique opportunity to ask specific workflow-related questions and deal with technical problems under master guidance of a very experienced instructor.

Who should attend

Motion designers, animators, VFX artists, digital artists, and post-production operators.

Meet the instructor

Helge Maus is a 3D & VFX trainer and a popular German author of books and tutorials known under the brand Pixeltrain. As a freelance motion designer for more than 15 years, his portfolio boasts work for notable brands such as Sony, Intel, ProSieben, Sat 1, and Sky. He has also collaborated with Adobe, Maxon and Autodesk for many years. Helge is one of the most experienced and advanced lecturers on motion graphics and design technologies such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini FX, Nuke, V-Ray, Arnold, RealFlow, Substance, Unity 3D, SynthEyes and many others.


Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Yes, a computer with Houdini installed.

Q: Do I get a discount if I buy the festival ticket too?
A: If you buy the Mouvo lover ticket you will automatically get a 20% discounted price for the workshops. Just buy the two together at our website.

Q: Do I get any discount on Houdini?
A: No, but SideFX offers independent artists a great Indie Version of Houdini. It’s a full-fleshed Houdini FX with very few limitations. The Houdini Indie version only costs $269 per year or $399 for 2 years.

Event details

Friday 21/2 13-16
Duration: 3 hours

Římská 103/12, Prague