Code in motion

Creative workshop with Dumbar

About workshop

Using code can be truly uplifting for a creative process. At Studio Dumbar, code and input go hand in hand and are equally crucial for the unique and original outcome. This workshop will focus on the intersection of design, code and motion. Participants will play with pre-made code and make it a vital part of their motion design workflow.

What you learn

First off, you will get a short introduction to the basics of coding and how to apply it to motion design. While learning to design with code, Studio Dumbar will guide you through the process of using code in your workflow. Finally, you will adapt already prepared Processing sketches, play around with different settings and parameters, and employ your input.

Who should attend

Mid-advanced and advanced motion designers, digital artists, animators, graphic designers, and anyone interested in the intersection of coding and design and algorithm-based art.

Meet the instructor

The renowned dutch-basek Studio Dumbar is famous for its innovative approach to creating visual identities and building brands. Their motion designer Elvin van Dalen and creative coder Sander Sturing have worked together on numerous studio projects. They will share their experience of combining their expertise to create different approaches towards motion.


Q: Do I need to have any skills already?
A: Basic understanding of After Effects. You don’t need any coding experience, but a healthy interest in the matter will suffice.

Q: How about food and drinks?
A: Refreshments will not be provided, but there are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Q: Is this a coding workshop?
A: Not completely. You will learn to tweak pre-made code and make the concept of coding a part of your motion workflow.

Event details

Thursday 7/4/2022, 09:30 – 17:30
Duration: 1 day

Scholastika, Římská 103, 120 00 Praha 2