C4D / MoGraph for Everyone


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About workshop

The workshop will focus on the basics of Cinema 4D and its many different aspects that are beneficial for both beginners and advanced users. You will receive a brief introduction as well as useful tips and tricks from a new software release. 150 minutes of interesting workflows and a lot of fun are guaranteed.

What you learn

Expect to go through the basics of Cinema 4D as well as advanced techniques with tips and tricks that will make your everyday Cinema 4D work much easier. The workshop covers motion graphics, dynamic simulations as well as motion tracking. It will also include some of the new features of Release 21 like Field Forces, Caps and Bevel, Denoiser and Volume Improvements.

Who should attend

Beginning and mid-advanced motion designers, animators, VFX artists, digital artists, and post-production operators.

Meet the instructor

Jonas Pilz is a member of MAXON, maker of the popular 3D motion graphics powerhouse – Cinema 4D. Jonas loves to explore the new ways of creating motion graphics in 3D without being hard core 3D graphics professional. After graduating from university in 2011 Jonas worked as a freelance 3D generalist for a period of four years and created lots of visualizations and animations for designated industrial clients and television with Cinema 4D. In 2015 Jonas joined MAXON and started giving Cinema 4D workshops and presenting MAXON products at trade shows and other public events.


Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: No, it will be a presentation.

Q: Do I need to know Cinema 4D?
A: No, this workshop does not require any knowledge in Cinema 4D and, therefore, can also be attended by people who use other software or want to switch from it.

Q: Is it only for beginners?
A: Not at all. At this workshop, you can learn a lot of useful 3D workflows that can make your everyday work in Cinema 4D much easier. Also, it will cover a set of new features from the latest software release.

Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes, absolutely. But be quick to register, there is a limited capacity for participants.

Q: I don’t have Cinema 4D. Why should I go there?
A: Every participant will also get a free 3-month trial to play with the software. So, this might be your time to try it out.

Event details

Saturday 22/2 12:30–14:30
Duration: 2 hours

Archa theatre (the festival venue)
Na Poříčí 1047/26, Prague