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Studio + Christoph Grünberger

David Sheldon - Hicks, Christoph Grünberger

David co-founded Territory Studio in 2010, a specialist studio that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realise and build new worlds. Leading studio locations in the UK? the US and in mainland Europe, David's love of storytelling and technology, and his eye for emotive details, had grown and established the studio's reputation for beautifully crafted, design-led graphic narratives spanning all genres and media.
In 2022, David co-founded Territory Group, a global collective of creative businesses that includes Territory Studio and Cantina Collective, unlocking further potential for success and capacity for growth.

Christoph Grünberger is a German designer and the author of Analog Algorithm and The Age of Data. His second publication, a Kickstarter success, examines programming and data's role in contemporary art and design. Christoph explores cultural and technological influences as well as the broader context in which modern audiovisual communication emerges. The explorations range from artificial intelligence, robotics, innovative technologies, and phenomena such as NFT, metaverse, and blurring the boundaries between analog and digital environments.